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Five Inspirational Nordic Interior Ideas

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Do you like Nordic interior design and are very excited to decorate your apartment in that marvelous style? Then, this is certainly your day, because today we discuss five inspirational ideas in Nordic style.


Nordic Apartment Inspiration

Have you encountered the terms Nordic and Scandinavian, and was lost at guess whether these two are synonymous? Well, not really. It is officially recognized that Nordic is a broader term, rather than Scandinavian, because the first one includes Sweden, Norway and Denmarn, Iceland, Finland, and three autonomous regions Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland Islands. Whereas Scandinavian referred only to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. We need to note here that both of these terms have a very defined common interior design style, so it just a geographic location we are concerned with.
The first in our Nordic inspiration list is the Gothenberg, Sweden aparment, featuring 85 square meters of open space light environment. Remember the main characteristics of the Scandinavian interior? The traditional white background with the splashes of color, are more than preserved, but the thin line of black wrough iron staircase adds drama to the place. However, this apartment in Gothenberg is not a really as traditional as the one in Skåne, Sweden, which features the aesthetically pleasing black and white interior, with an amazing fur rug on the timber floor.
To continue th classic theme, take a look at this contemporary Fredensborg (Denmark) housee. It features white ethereal background, and minimum of any other colors. Second to white is of course the darker companion, black, with minimul details, deviations presenting pure Scandinavian interior design.
However, if you like something more funky, there are some inspirational ideas, that use Nordic interior as a base for some eclectism. Take a look at this astonishing swedish house, that disregarded the basic rules of nordic interior and overdoses on color. Practically every room is abundant in color and details, leaving the background white and light timber flooring as a mere tribute to Scandinavian interior.
The other inspiring idea from Gothenborg is more classy, yet too vibrant to be of true nordic style. It features a eclectism, white background with less details, yet with a flowing feminine structure. So you see, the Nordic interior has many different faces and amazing solutions.

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