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Feminine Interior Ideas

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Would you like to experiment with new ideas and make something according to your gender? So, girls, get ready for some Feminine interior design ideas!

Girly Interior

When someone says feminine, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Pink, Barbie, elegance, red, girly, feminist? Well, these of course are a part of a bigger concept, however, as this post will show it is not it. Feminine interior is not always pink, girly or overly elegant. It can be simplistic, but what makes it feminine is the soft hues, soft textures, or bold screaming colors of femme fatale, enraging flamboyant furniture or calm and soothing flowery wallpaper.

It is interesting to note, that feminine interior tends to be asymmetrical, leaving the symmetry and lack of details to the men. However that is not always the case, as we know of some bright futuristic designs that are openly feministic about themselves. However, remember that the more curves the better it looks. Playing with decor elements and mixing them in different styles is also a thought to consider. The traditional “girly” interior styles are of course the romantic one, art nouveau, but there are no style limitations in the free thought. The golden rule of feminine interior is in using details, different textures and experimenting with subtle and bold colors, so go ahead and try something new!

Feminine Interior Inspiration

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