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Extreme Parisian Apartment of Navone

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Paola Navone is a famous Italian designer known for radical and vibrant designs, presents her own Paris apartment. Extreme, lush and industrial, the apartment offers a lot to the eye, so let’s explore it!

Paola Navone Brilliant Apartment

A true artist should be creative in everything, and the apartment should be the first in the list to display artist’s personality! That is the story for Paola Navone, whose Parisian apartment seems so to be as honest, vivacious and eclectic as her art!

It might appear a little bit surrealistic with all its bursting details and extreme color choices, but once you get the feel of it, it is actually very cozy! The apartment seems to be rather large, which is because of the rough walls that add that heavy industrialized appeal, while having the unnatural feminine white in it reflicing light.
Another striking feature of the apartment is the abundance of furniture, specifically chairs: wooden chairs, chairs with striped fabric, elegant armchairs, pure wired metalic chairs, wild green set of chairs, grey leather chairs, and it is even not a complete list . If it wasn’t for the bright extravagant colors, the apartment would appear brutal and industrial, but with unusual tones it appears rather vibrant, extreme and even funky. What do you think?

Paola Navone Apartment Inspiration


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