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Experimental Interior At Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

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When thinking of Italian interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is a rich history of refined decorating styles and luxury, doesn’t it? Well, you will be surprised when you see the Kook Osteria & Pizzeria, as it is located in Italy, and the decorating style is quite experimental.

Incredible Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

Amazing Pizzeria In Italy

Incredible Interior Of KOOK

Noses Architects have completed an intriguing project. Located outside of Rome, in its little fraction called Olgiata, the Kook Osteria & Pizzeria is a café with experimental and brave interior design solutions. First of all, the café is an amazing blend between the traditional decorating approaches with all luxury and simpler rustic style decor. You see a combination of both approaches being used in decorating of the interior of this wonderful place.

Second, it is the incredibly simple background of the mostly white hues with exposed communication pipes and black frames for the enormous windows and doorways – quite impressive combination. The blend of these different things is already somewhat industrial. But wait, there is more. The furniture is mostly from timber and it is also retro, alternating between the black and white variations for chairs and tables. Even the retro phone is referring to the connection between different decorating eras. However, it can’t be said that the interior is monochromatic.

The center of attention is no doubt the glazed garden enclosure with a real tree inside. No less effective are the gorgeous plush leather sofas located just nearby. They are no doubt the focal point of the interior composition, however, it is really not that easy to stop looking at the various furnishing details present in the café.

The amazing patterned tile, the timber floor and woodworks of the wall, the mismatched chairs and of course luxurious leather sofas fit in perfectly. The interior achieved in Kook Osteria & Pizzeria is mixture of a rustic elegance along with contemporary luxury with a little hint of industrial style.


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