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Ethnic Brazilian Inspiration

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If you think your interior design lacks color and originality, try borrowing some ideas from the exquisite ehtnic brazilian style, that is abundant in these characteristics.

Eco Ethnic Interior

Brazil, a vibrant country of striking opposites, where the deep cultural background interlaces with Western traditions. The Brazilian interior design is an excellent example of such blend, as it can be both modern and yet somewhat ethnic at the same time.

First of all, the Ethnic Brazilian interior is characterized by bright features and mostly natural materials, like this incredible house. The interior is intuitive and sort of offered by nature, as we see a lot of wooden furnishings as well as practical ideas. The house has a lot of different hues, the terracota, rich blue, even the classical beige, baby blue floral prints, and it all blends in so naturally. The walls present a surprising mixture of colors, with the pure white and vibrant red, and neutral tones. However apart from making the color choices, it is also important to choose textures. As mentioned earlier, the natural materials, such as wood, are preferred. Is that inspiring or what?

Brazilian Interior Inspiration


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