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Enhancing Entryways

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Entryways are present in any household, even if they are just a little space between your door and the actual living space – they still need to be organized and used accordingly. Here are some simple ideas on enhancing the entryways to the maximum.


Smart Entryway Organizing

Thinking of rearranging the space in your entryway and use it to the maximum? How about using these simple, yet awesome tips to reorganize the space and make it more organized! So, any entryway should have some space where you can keep the shoes, and there are certain ways to deal with it, simplest using the racks in your closet. This way, you will always have your shoes handy, however the closet itself should be organized, and be sure that there is a sufficient light.


Boxes and baskets can help you with improving your storage. Slippers should have their own space, and isn’t it a great idea to store them in the basket? If you have several members of the family living together and they are clueless on your organizing strategy, it is best to dedicate each box to each family member. Another smart idea for the wet season is to use a box with pebbles for the outdoor shoes, this way you won’t have to worry about the mess the shoes create.
If your entryway is to too dark, you can lighten it up with a mirror – but it should reflect some light. By the way using a mirror in combination with a shelf, can be really helpful. One of the essential needs if you live in a country with lots of precipitation is to take care of your umbrella, by making an umbrella stand even out of a simple bucket.
If you are struggling to keep order in your entryway with all the numerous keys, notes and such, how about making a simple note station from an old wooden shutter. First prepare the old shutter, using a sandpaper, some paint and then when it is all nice attach it to the wall, using a hammer and nails. Make sure that you adjust the shutters to use it as a board where you can stick the notes. Isn’t that inspiring?

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