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English Cottage Interior Design

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If you like the homey and romantic atmosphere of the interior, then perhaps you should consider the English cottage Interior. This post will help you in creating a unique English Cottage interior.


English Cottage Style

One of the most important features of the english cottage style is surprisingly the exterior of the house. The steaming chimney, the home made bread, the clean linen all present the english cottage interior as the best example of the welcoming and warm interior. The cottage styled house has distinct features reminiscent of the Tudor period, featuring the medieval building techniques, but on the smaller scale. However, the interior of the english cottage style also presents an interesting view.

The english cottage style is of course a very natural, down to earth interior, presenting many natural materials, such as wood, stone, and some metal. Following the streamlined and simple design, the english cottage cannot be called a simple interior, with all its intricasy and many details, underlined by the sturdy background. As with any country style, this one certainly should be laid back, with a comfortable timber furniture and pleasant decor accessories.

The english cottage style breathes of comfort and warmth, and here will go the tips on making your house cozy, and as we remember one of the most important tasks is to keep clean and with pleasant odors and sounds, like crackling fire, baking bread and boiling stew.

As for the color scheme,english cottage style follows the earthly palette, from ochre to even blue accents. The leading colors are of course the neutral beige, or some other subtle colors with some medium intensity colors, such as green, blue and even red in some cases. Apart from paint, the fabrics and textures are also an important component of the style. Try different fabrics, ranging from the excentric silk to simple cotton. Furniture in the english cottage style is also not very distinguished, because traditionally it is the blend of all things that were brought from the bigger mansions.
For a wonderful example of the English Cottage style is this lovely XVIII house. Built in 1780, located in Suffolk, England is house presents the original english charm and beauty. The house features the white schema of color with timber all around the place. Featuring nothing but the functional items and an amazing garden view, the house is a perfect example of the english cottage style.

English Cottage Inspiration


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