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Endless House Extension

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Sometimes the existing structure seems to be not enough and clients decide to build an extension for the house, but almost certainly this extension should be quite original and most definately in harmony with natural landscape. The Endless house extension by BLAUW architecten is a unique story told in timber and glass.

Extension house Nijmegen

Located in the quiet region of a ridge at the Beekmandalseweg Nijmegen, a traditional Netherlands house has acquired a unique and eco-friendly extension. If you look from the side, the house appears quite traditional housing complex, however from the front the house has a weird roof extension. Completed in 2009 by BLAUW architecten, the roof extension is a unique conversation that was started with the surrounding landscape. The roof extension is green with grass, what creates a really interesting contrast with the rest of the house.
The roof extension has created a new entrance to the house, and changed the overall landscape of the property. The extension is made from Corten steel, with a moraine primer. The total cost for the transformation was € 90.000, which is quite a lot for such a small piece of land transformed. Though quite little in its size, measuring 49 square meters, the extension significantly enlarged the family space, at the same time making an eco-friendly and stylish statement to the existing landscape. Here is some more information from the BLAUW architecten:

“There is no transition between landscape and roof of the extension. The countryside creeps in the roof construction at the existing house, it creates harmony between living and environment. The program is organized around the terrace, a sheltered spot, in the angle of the rising volume. The great facade, gives the residents a great view and the relationship with the outside. The formal entrance on Beekman Dalseweg maintained. By entering the sight line, through the entire width of the house, gives you the view on the lateral moraine on the west side. This creates a logical routing, running past the kitchen into the living room one is received. Here opens the property by overlooking the Ooypolder”.


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