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Elegant Interior Ideas

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Elegant Interior is of course not for everybody, but it would certainly ring a bell to those who like the old fashioned English furnishings and heavy décor items. This post will give you elegant interior ideas that will help in achieving this look.


Elegant Interior Design

Contemporary decorating style has already became a sore in the eye of those old fashioned classical design fans. However, the elegant and classic interior has not been forgotten, and as a prove there is an “English Mood” furniture collection by Minacciolo. Notice the curvy lines, that flow smoothly and create a very refined and elegant touch to just about anything. The furniture collection offers classical solutions for any room, be it bedroom, bathroom or even kids room. However, not only furniture defines the style.

The classic elegant interior brings back the family values, as the family gathers around one place and spends time, enjoying the mood. The idea of the style is to brings you the cozy feeling of being in the right place with the right people, but how that can be achieved in interior design? The prominent features of the elegant interior are of course refined wood, especially lacquered heavy set of furniture. It is the drama, the richness of color, the authenticity of each detail and intricacy of the whole picture.

The colors are usually subdued, with deep accent hues of darker tints. The furniture is curvy, yet very feminine with lots of intricate details. The walls are usually decorated with a patterned wallpaper, of some neutral or outstanding color, depending on the leading color of the room. Modern variations allow only painting walls, without bothering with wallpapers. Or, another option is to make framed windows of wallpaper inside of it. Patterned wallpaper, or even furniture accessories is an important part of elegant designs, as it also adds intricacy.

As you see, an elegant interior ideas are not very complicated to follow, as it may appear. With the presented ideas, you can refresh your living space and add some nice elegant décor elements, that underline your individuality and style.

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