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Elegant French Interior

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Easy elegant interior in an apartment down the Lunacharsky street in St. Petersburg is designed in French style. There is a unique elegance intertwined with real luxury in this new environment of the Old Provençal house with the speed and dynamism of today’s fashionable inteiors. It’s as if, a young talented translator told a beautiful old French treatise in a free manner. In a large apartment with an area of 1291 square feet (120 sq m) there is an absolute harmony of form and color, based, in the meantime, on the bright artistic improvisation. It can be seen that there is a real master worked, has not only rich experience and knowledge, but also a brilliant artistic taste.

An Elegant Ease of French Style

French style interior

French style kitchen

Filled with absolutely all custom, organized outside the kitchen space, and originally designed exclusively bathroom and toilet. Is available throughout the apartment lots of translucent lightness, air and light!

In addition, it all starts with a beige- pink hallway, which promises original interior and in other areas. Moreover, it is true then the situation just starts to overflow, gently, flowing from one shade of color to another. The effect is enhanced by the use of a wall painting in grisaille technique. It seems that someone unknown and unseen draped on the interior created a shimmering transparent haze, and became mysteriously vague, almost unreal, all the images created by the designer.

The decor is balancing on the thin line between measurements, one-step, and find yourself in the mirror, and there is a little more, and Provence, in the words of a popular contemporary music. Indeed, modern apartment interior is “under the influence” of their own past. Moreover, the past is with a French accent.

French style interior

French style living room

Elegant and stylish atmosphere, created by the author, has to rest. In such a house would like to come back to work every day, you can fully relax after a hard day’s work. In track and the free atmosphere of the French house is cozy and comfortable lives and children, and adults. Here are quietly and can occur even lives of generations! In addition, everyone will feel at ease.

Originally selected range of colors interior. In the combinations of colors also clearly shows the complete unity of the past and present. For example, popular among the youth violet- green palette nursery completely organic co-exist in the interior of the noble, centuries proven burgundy shade or bright spectacular coral background.

The painting on the walls creates a gorgeous, almost fairy-tale illusion of open space. Natural interior sensations in the lap of nature is also added remarkably fresh and original marine motifs used in the design of the bathroom. The general impression of the apartment down the street Lunacharsky in the Northern Capital, an unusually bright, fresh and unusual and, at the same time, very tender and touching.

French style Interior

French style patio


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