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Eco-Friendly Balmain Residence

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Located far away from the urban life of Sydney, Australia, lies the eco-friendly Balmain residence. It’s interior design is purely eco-friendly, as presented by Fox Johnston, architecture & design practice company, and very light in terms of illumination and material choices.

Sydney house

Inspirational Green Sydney Residence

The most unique detail about the Balmain residence is that it is cramped in between the spaces of the 14 adjacent properties! This striking feature can be seen in the geometrical forms of the exterior, as well as in the strict lines of the interior.

The original cottage was remodeled with continuous interlaying corridors of outdoor and indoor spaces. There is a definite communication between the garden and the living areas, thus the overall space appears larger than it actually is. The trick of the house is that each room, which is located downstairs, borrows the space from the outdoors. This trick not only increases the space, but also allows more natural light to flow into the rooms.

Sydney house

The exterior of the house is rather sculptural, offering a very wide and open space indoors. The main suite contains bedroom, library/gallery and study. The upper level suites offer the stunning views of the neighborhood and lush greenery of the outdoors, as well as provide the views to Anzac Bridge, not to mention ventilation and natural sunlight flow.

The interior color palette is rather simple, yet very textured. Timber covers the walls and the ceiling, while the flour is made from stone. Among other materials of use is the wall-sized glass in some areas. The texture context is added through the use of furniture upholstery.

Sydney house

Throughout the house, the observer can see the little indoor gardens, which serve as decorating panel between the spaces. The house supports a natural ventilation system as well as hydronic heating. To add to sustainability, the project also utilizes recycled products.

Amazing Balmain Residence in Sydney

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