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Earth Day Tablescaping

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Earth day is among the few days dedicated to environmental issues and eco-friendly approach to life. Today we are celebrating the Earth Day and in honor of our beloved planet, we have compiled different dinner table decor ideas dedicated to this lovely holiday.

Earth Day Tables

Earth Day Simple Table Decor

Earth Day Table Decor

One of the ways to approach Earth Day celebration table décor is to stick to green approach to life: recycling, reusing, and generally thinking about our planet’s well-being. Another way to approach this holiday is to make simple crafts that remind us choosing eco-friendly options. Since each holiday has its own distinct allure, we can point out specific decoration for Earth Day and spread the word.

Keep It Simple

It is essential to remember the core meaning of the holiday and its attributes. Such attributes might include little versions of planet Earth or just cute recycling items that are appropriate to put on a table, however, celebrating the beauty of nature as it is – is usually the best option. Make a cute little terrarium from the local plants to put on display and the feel of nature will come instantly.

Earth Day Tables

Earth Day Themed Table

Colors Matter

When thinking of the Earth Day, what colors come to your mind? Most think about blue and green in celebration of water and plants that save our planets from being polluted. However, don’t try to make the colors too bright, as a few accenting hues here and there would be just enough.

Use Home-grown Products

Instead of buying yourself a pre-fabricated dinner, make your own meal preferably from home-grown products. If you don’t have a vegetable or fruit garden, you can, at least, make sure to use fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal. For instance, instead of buying soda – make your own beverage and pour it into glass containers, which you probably already have. As you see, there are many ideas for decorating table for the Earth Day dinner, however, the most important thing is to use what we already possess instead of consuming lots of pre-fabricated items.

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