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Dutch Canal House Makeover

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An Amsterdam-based Powerhouse Company has done an exclusive makeover of a traditional Dutch Canal house in the heart of an old city of Amsterdam. The loft-like residence boasts incredible spacious area, contemporary appliances and lots of light, which flood the house.

Amsterdam dutch canal house

Herengracht Residence

The Herengracht residence although very modern is far from being high-tech. Just look at all the space in this large house and the amazing furnishings. It certainly took some creativity to remodel a traditional dark Dutch architectural building into a warm and inviting house with a cheerful interior.

Initially the house lacked the literal space. As you see, there are really high ceilings and enormous windows and not much else. One of the essential things changed by the Powerhouse company is the leveling of the space. They have added an additional level, by taking advantage of high ceilings. In general, inspired by loft tradition Powerhouse company have made an additional floor and thus expanded the space.

Amsterdam dutch canal house

Echoing the traditional cold Scandinavian style there is lots of white in decor. White is used as background color against which other objects emerge. From main entrance you instantly see the kitchen-dining room with an enormous black furniture set. Equally exciting is the lovely library area with a cute timber ladder that reaches more bookshelves.

The interior of the Herengracht Residence is quite relaxed and modern. We see some of the screaming hues of crimson and blue, however most of them is balanced by timber and white color. Another interesting feature is the upper level, where the designers have located the bedroom. The vintage serpentine ladder is opening the bedroom privacy. But that is not all, to the left of the bedroom, right next to a little window there is a little working station. In general, the interior is very spacious, aerial and comfortable.

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