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Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom And Bathroom

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Dressing table is a great addition to the bedroom or a bathroom. It can also be quite convenient for storing makeup, jewelry and accessories. A vanity or a dressing table can be enhanced with a statement mirror or an arrangement of empty frames to complete the dressing area.

Mismatched Dressing Furniture

Matchy-matchy dressing table from a bedroom set might look attractive a mismatched dressing table set can look more interesting and creative. Find a vintage dressing table and match it with a clear modern chair to add a twist to the dressing area.

How To Enhance Dressing Table Decor

While creative furniture certainly makes for nice dressing area decor accessories are just as important. Keep the dressing table clutter-free with organizers, baskets, drawers and various storage boxes inside the table.

Creative Lamp

Add a creative lamp to the dressing table to illuminate the evening dressing rituals as well as enhance the entire arrangement. Opt for a lamp that is not too big to avoid lack of space on the table.


A pouf can replace the conventional chair. Add a patterned or bright-colored pouf to the dressing table to add a splash of color to the room. Also opt for the storage-friendly poufs for small bedroom or bathroom.

Patterned Upholstery

Patterned upholstery can make for a great stylish addition to the dressing table. Choose a nice patterned fabric to upholster a fressing chair with. It will add detail and nice accent to the dressing table look.

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