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Distressed Elements In Interior Design

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Distressed elements give the interior design a special touch. Charm and history of distressed interiors combined with glamour and chic of classic style is a great combination to try realise in a shabby chic design. Add a distressed element to the decor to achieve the look.

Distressed Decor Elements


A distressed wall is something when it comes to the interior design. Whether achieved naturally or on purpose the look can simply be stunning. Think adding an exquisite sofa and chandelier to the room with a distressed wall and you’ll achieve a charming vintage look that hints at or just imitates history. You can distress a wall yourself using crackle, plaster and different paints.


The floors can literally be ‘destroyed’ if touched carelessly by a hammer or high heeled shoes but this is how you can distress the floors to make them look old and historic. Scratches, bucket rings, indentions, and other unsightly marks can actually look great together and immediately give the room a shabby chic look.


Distressed doors and furniture are smaller elements than walls and floors but they can too add a lot of charm to the shabby chic or other interior. Besides it is easier to replace distressed doors than a wall in case of redecorating. Distressed doors also make for great home decorations when repurposed and used as headboards, wall decor, or table tops.


It’s easier to distress smaller surfaces so why not treat some chairs and tables with crackle or good sanding. The great thing abous hand-distressing things is that you can regulate it giving an item a slightly worn out look or an ancient finish.

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  1. Lucy Muller
    February 17, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    My comment is not positive. I thnk the distressed look is sad, ugly and offensive when rich people make a game out of poverty.

  2. VV
    June 1, 2014 at 6:28 am

    You don’t have to be “rich” to decorate in the “shabby chic” style. It’s also not a way to make a “game” out of poverty.

    The look is supposed to be timeworn and romantic.

    Think of an old castle, an old cottage, antiques and the like that last forever because “once upon a time” they used to build things to last.

    This style is NOT reflective of “poverty.” It is an homage to faded beauty. It is all about “character.”

    Old things have lots of character and beauty.

    Imitating this style for those who love it brings a still, relaxed and romantic feel to their surroundings.