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7 Different Doors in Interior Design

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There are a lot of interesting things behind every door from pantries to the palace halls. In this article we will show you 7 most notable doors, which are worthy of close attention. Some of them look original, some of them look beautiful, and other ones are just functional.

How to Use Doors in Interior Design

Tall doors in the house in Mexico

Tall doors in the house in Mexico

House in Barcelona

The main idea is a deliberate contrast between the old “shell” of the house with wooden rafters and inner modernist “stuffing”. A giant door-wall is used to further emphasize this contrast. It symbolizes the transition from the old to the new.

House in Mexico

These tall doors bring order in the interior, and at the same time play a big role in its zoning. On the one hand there is a peaceful living room with sofas and a fireplace, and on the other there is a riot of southern plants. Everything is subordinated to the idea of ​​civilized comfort, when the presence of nature is necessary, but within reasonable limits.

House in Languedoc

This interior is reminiscent of carved lacquer box. The main decoration of the room is the door and the chandelier with almost the same openwork carving. If one of these characters, such as a chandelier, is removed, the door will look lonely. A definite plus is white color, which makes wooden carvings look like lace.

House in Kenya

This project looks like a decoration for the cartoon about the Flintstones family. Such a door could never exist in the cave of an ancient man because of its completely irrational forms, but it looks almost authentic in a bungalow on the coast.

House in South Africa

Such double doors give any architecture features of the traditionalism and proximity to the rural way of life. If you like country style, then you can install such door inside the house. Two flaps allow to experiment a bit with the space.

House in Spain

This minimalist door most likely hides a pantry. And as the door should not be highlighted, it was made almost tone on tone with wooden floors and countertops. This solution is justified logically.

House in Dorset

The door disguised as a bookcase brings an element of intrigue and the association: open the door means open the book.

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