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Desk Organizing Ideas

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Is your desk a real disaster? Well, how about some awesome tips that would make your desk look really organized and tidy? Here it goes – the most awesome tips on organizing your working space and keeping things to the minimum!

Working Space Organizing Tips

If your working space is so cluttered that you can’t find anything there at all, then it is time to clean up and make it work. Start with the actual desk, and if you don’t have one here is a sparkling idea – the desktop can be made out of an old door, or any plywood of the appropriate size. The legs of this desk can be actually the low-rise bookshelf, which is not only very efficient as a base, but also a practical storage.
After you are set with the desk, go over your stuff and throw away all the pieces that you don’t need, such as unused pens, pencils, papers, and other stuff. If you are struggling to find the needed piece of paper, how about storing them in the nice envelops, which would be attached to the bulletin board. The bulletin board is actually one of the best ways to keep track of everything and won’t let your lose any little piece of paper accidently. If you are concerned with it being dull, try also decorating with the craft paper.
Another desk storage solution is about covering up the ugly boxes with nice covers, from wallpaper, craft paper or even cloth, why not? This way, you can unify the look of your working area by matching colors. Likewise the penholder can be transformed into the nice rustic pen container, if you wrap around some bark found in the wood to the regular plastic container.
Often it happens that what gets us confused are the wires that we use, and this problem could be solved by labeling the wires with little circle labels and assigning a special space for the wires that won’t get in your way. The more organized is your space, the more productive your working time would be, so start with little stuff and then go to the bigger parts, you will figure it out eventually. Good luck with that!


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