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Decorative Wall Plates in Interior Design

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We tend to think that plates are just utensils. But in the hands of an experienced designer or a person with creative abilities, even regular cookware can turn into incredibly spectacular decor element for the interior. Today we tell about how you can hang wall plates and decorate your home interior.

How to Decorate Interior with Wall Plates

Decorative wall plates

Decorative wall plates

Choosing plates and a place for them

Wall plates are a great and original alternative to all kinds of paintings, murals and collages, so you can place them in any room of the house or apartment, even to the bathroom. The main thing is the right selection of the form and colors of plates, as well as to find a good place for them. So, you can experiment by mixing colorful and pure white, square and oval, large and small plates in a single composition.

Hanging wall plates

Symmetrical arrangement of the plates may involve a variety of compositions from all sorts of plates, but in compliance with a single rule – symmetry. The simplest example is: three plates in a row, the average of which must surely stand out among the others. Also it can be plates hung symmetrically on both sides of a vertical object, for instance, a painting.

A more sophisticated version is an arrangement of plates in arch, which retains all the same symmetry. An arch on the wall may be formed by similar plates (5 pieces or more). But if the uppermost will be different from the rest of its shape or color, this composition will look much more spectacular. Most often, this technique is applied to mirrors or door arches decoration.

Patterns of wall plates can include any number of items, but together they should form a symmetrical image. We can take a simple shape such as a star or snowflake as a basis.

Asymmetrical arrangement of plates can also be beautifully decorated. Again, the simplest example is a three- plate wall decor hanging in ascending order.

Free composition of randomly hung plates will also look very good, but only on condition that the plates are not too variegated in terms of colors and shapes. But you can experiment with sizes.

Decorative wall plates

Decorative wall plates

Narrative compositions made of wall plates is a beautiful, original and even unique interior decor. When a complete picture is formed with the ordinary plates on the wall, it looks like it’s just amazing.

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