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Decorative Stone in Interior

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Stone is a classic symbol of wealth and happiness. At all times people treated rare stones with great trepidation. Scientists have proven that stone is able to “absorb” an environmental energy. That is why stone in the interior is a uniquely subtle accent.

Decorative Stone in Interior Design

Traditionally, artificial stone is used mainly for exterior trims, arbors, fences or design of architectural details – columns, plinths, windows. However, it would be wrong to limit its scope to only outer surfaces.

Decorative stones are used in fireplaces, which is not only practical but also makes for a chic aesthetic appearance. Decorative stone can easily be used in both natural fireplaces as well as in electric ones.

A fireplace decorated by decorative stone

A fireplace decorated by decorative stone 

Decorative stone looks good in the interiors of kitchens, saunas, winter gardens, and water basins. Decorative stone relatively recently “joined” the kitchen interior. Despite this, it managed to win the confidence of the true connoisseurs of aesthetics and comfort.

In addition to design aspects, artificial stone carries a number of functions: it does not emit harmful chemical fumes when heated; due to its antistatic properties it repels dust; it does not absorb moisture and oil; it is not exposed to mold; stone can be easily cleaned with a cloth or a brush, and can be washed with all kinds of detergents.

Decorative stone in kitchen interior

Decorative stone in kitchen interior

Today decorative stone manufacturers help designers realize the most daring ideas. They offer different types of artificial stones from the copies of common marble, granite and onyx to semiprecious stones – agate, amethyst, and jasper.

Special attention is paid not only to the quality, but also to the color and texture of a stone: marble with contrasting veins, white, pink and peach onyx, and granite with unusual inclusions.

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