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Decorating With String Lights

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Lighting is one of the key features of decor. For instance, this amazing interior wouldn’t look the same without its amazing lighting fixtures. Many a time lighting makes up for half of the interior’s charm so today we wanted to talk about the most charming type of lighting fixtures, string lights.

String lights make everything better. Like garlands they bring a sense of festivity into your decor and you don’t have to have a reason to use them anywhere in the house from kitchen and dining to bedroom.

Dining room string lights

Dining area lighting

Using string lights in a bedroom or kid’s room is common. These places are meant to have a relaxed atmosphere but the dining room or kitchen? Look at how unusual they look above the dining room table. This is a great way to make dining room look less official and impersonal.

MIrror lights

Hollywood mirror alternative

You can easily make a Hollywood mirror out of your regular mirror and string lights. All you need is to have an electric outlet nearby and voila, your own personal celebrity mirror is ready. Of course, it won’t give you as much illumination but if you don’t need it for the practical purposes, then you might just as well do it for the aesthetics.

If you’re afraid that your room will look too Christmas-y with string lights be sure sure to use them sparingly and opt for larger paper white lights instead of string lights with small yellow light bulbs. You can also buy less festive looking string bulbs or ball lights that will greatly work with minimalist modern interior. Since they don’t give that much light you can use ball lights simply as a decor element.

String Lights in Decor

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