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Decorating with Pinecones

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It is almost winter, and one of the ways to accessorize your home in cold time is to use objects most associated with this time of the year. One of such items are pine cones, so let’s consider some ideas on decorating with pine cones!

Pine cones in Interior Design

Pine cones are great decorative tools because there a lot of different types, shapes, and sizes of the great natural beauty! Getting them is also very easy, as you can just go out and here you have a whole bunch of them! If you are using pinecones in their original form, so to say without any additional items, they can create a great focal point on your table, or on a serving tray. Another way to introduce pine cones to your interior is to use them on your mantle. If you add up some fallen leaves of different shapes in cute glass vases, this will highlight the autumn mood in your house. However, if you use pine cones along with some winter inspired decor, this creates a Christmas atmosphere.
Adding pine cone elements to the existing decor items is a very cute idea. One of the ways is to decorate candle holders with pine cones pieces, or even ornate the picture frames with these elements. This will add rustic atmosphere to your house, while adding texture! Pine cones go well with other winter products, maybe berries or some late autumn flowers. When thinking of how to decorate your presents, one of the ideas is to ornate them with pine cones! So you see, there are so many different opportunities of decorating with pine cones, experiment and enjoy!

Pine cones Decor

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