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Decorating Interior in Purple

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Purple is an unusual color, mysterious and alive at the same time. Decorating interior with purple seems to be a puzzling idea, since too much of purple is simply morbid, too few of purple can be not enough. This post will introduce you the tips on using purple in your interior décor.


Purple in interior décor

Purple color has long roots in the mysterious and luxurious history, as for years it was considered special royalty color. The mystery of purple comes with association with the mystery of death, as the Catholic church still uses purple in special occasions, such as big masses for the dead and for penance practices. However, putting aside all the morbid connotations, purple can be used in our own interior design, in our homes.

As with any color, purple comes in many tints and hues, so choosing the right one is a special task to consider. Purple can be an accent color, in which it might only underline its presence and draw the main attention from the whole interior décor. Purple does very well in accordance with other subtle colors, such as beige, olive green, deep blue. However, using different tints of purple can help in creating just the right mood. Light funky violet can add youthfulness to the interior; while deep royal purple add magnificence and elegance. Purple goes well with the golden color, but is better with silver, adding style and luxury to the lot.

Lilac is very suitable for a young girl’s room, as it creates somewhat childish and playing atmosphere. Lavender, light versions of purple add funky soul to your interior, and green color underlines its vitality. Purple and turquoise is another winning combination, which brings the ocean theme into interior. So, just about any theme interior is possible with purple, from royal luxury interiors of interior & architecture studio of Purple design, to simplified purple accent minimalistic style.

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