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Decorating in Mediterranean

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With all the heat of summer, we all just want to escape to go on vacation, to a place like Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps redecorating your interior design in Mediterranean style would help? This post will introduce you the basics of the Mediterranean Interior Design.


Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean interior design is encompassing most of the desired summer looks, the relaxed tone, laid back colors, and of course an open space interior that allows comfort and rest. In reality, Mediterranean Interior is associated with the south of Europe, particularly south of France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and it includes most of the influences from their original European interior design. The casual and laid back interior is achieved with light colors, sometimes jeweled tones, large open space terraces and natural materials.

The Southern European Country style, as some call it, use the natural furnishings, such as light painted pine wood, terra cotta tiles, plaster is also very common. Furniture is simple and classic, might be with carved ornaments or without, sometimes with flowery bright cushions. It is also a common thing to see a clay décor items, along with sea inspired accessories. The style follows everything functional and simple, when it comes to technology. It is not uncommon to see the original Greek Kitchen decorated with bits of flowers, spices that are grown right on the kitchen and garlic, which also adds a sense of coziness to the house. A plant in Mediterranean interior décor is a very good start, because they add that sense of vitality to the interior.

When one thinks of Mediterranean, first what pops to a mind is the color scheme, the sand tints, or sea blue hues. Mostly of course it is the subtle natural colors, which are brightened up with some surprising tones. These tones add luxury, charm and personality to the interior, and they range from all kinds of hues. Usually all of the colors in the house are influenced by the color scheme found outside, beige white, lush green, playful bright blue, terra cotta and sienna: all the earthly colors mixed with natural bright spots. Some add jewel tones, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red, but don’t use too much, because jewel tones add heaviness and clumsiness sometimes. Mediterranean Interior is all about the lazy, laid back looks, and naturalistic materials are the backbone of it, so don’t try to hard or your house would lack this naturalistic freedom.

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