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Decorating in Blue Hues

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Water theme is gaining popularity as the heat of summer kicks in. If you can’t dive into some fresh, and nice sea yet, perhaps surrounding yourself with the blue hues would help you in feeling better? This post will introduce to decorating tips in most wanted summer color: blue.


Blue in Interior Design

Navy, ocean blue, teal, aqua, ice, cobalt –there are so many variations of blue hues, which inspire to new cool summer breeze interior designs! Blue can be calming, blue can be wild, blue can be refreshing and very deep. Before you would think of which tint of blue to use, set out your priorities on what you would like to see in your living space. Blue, being a primary color, is relatively safe to use with any other colors, but we will focus on the blue as a leading color. Good color combinations constitute the mood and atmosphere of the room, like plain white and blue accent, if this color is dominating. Blue with yellow is funky and light, more appropriate for summer, vacation interior designs creating the beach and sea illusion. Mint green with aqua blue would spark a note of freshness in interior design, so choosing the best atmosphere is really important in creating your interior design.


Cobalt and aqua blue, along with transparent accessories and white color, with arranged lights would add the water like quality to your interior. Perhaps even adding an actual water source is a great idea. It can be anything, from a naturalistic stone basin to pictures depicting water. Look at this living room interior designed, created by RSVP Design Services, where she had included cobalt blue, along with bright aqua blue spots and finished the composition by the contrasting grey background. Even the curtains speak of blue attitudes.


Sometimes it is better to accent the blue with few complementary colors, such as black and white, as done by Celerie Kemble. The designer has chosen the contrasting red to oppose teal blue walls and bluish pillows that are scattered on the grey sofa. If you want vibrant color, but don’t want to cover the whole room, you can do as in this picture of a powder room. There are so many different color combinations that come natural with blue, and you would make a perfect match if you can decide what kind of interior would suit you best.

Blue Interior Design

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