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Decorating Home With Signs

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Signs are great decor items to have around the house. They can be fun or inspirational depending on what you need as well as the style of your interior. These make for great wall decor and can also be used to indicate rooms or give directions.

Using Signs as Home Decorations

Alexander Calder's Style Mobile

The Board Walk light up sign

Vintage Signs

Vintage signs can add a special touch to any decor traditional, modern, or shabby chic. There are many different styles and types of signs you can find, collect, buy, or make yourself. Vintage light signs make for quite dramatic accents in decor.

Inspirational Signs

Inspirational signs will help you stay positive and motivated throughout the day or after long work days. You can print these out and frame them or you can use a piece of veneer and spray paint it while using brushes or better yet stencils to write whatever motivational phrase, word or quote that inspires you.

Holiday Signs

Holiday signs are also great DIY projects to do with the kids to place around the house creating a holiday atmosphere. Use the holiday color palette to make your signs.

Signs can also be directional serving as route signs around your house. Kid’s room may have different fun signs on the doors while the front door may have a vintage sign welcoming the guests. The easiest sign to make is to have a small chalkboard and write anything you feel like on it every day. In the kitchen or dining room such a sign can be used as a menu or a recipe guide.

You can also decorate your outdoors with the signs using them to mark different garden areas or plants. The crossroads sign is quite easy to DIY with a pole and a few wooden strips to sign the directions.


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