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Tips On Decorating Foyer

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Living in a big house may keep you wondering how to create the most welcoming and stylish foyer. Things like kids’ bikes and kitty litter box can pretty much ruin the whole look cluttering your entry and creating obstacles on the way out. To create that luxury look make sure your foyer is free from clutter and mess and start with laying tiles or stone on the floor.

Decorating Luxury Foyer


Opt for stone or tile floor

Stone and even ceramic tiles give the foyer a grander feel though if it’s not too big it’s better to stick with glossy laminate or hardwood. With glossy floors the foyer becomes more formal and open. Molds and other wall treatments can too add that luxury look to foyer. Make sure to pay attention to doorway as well. A beautiful arched doorway and a decent door will only add to the picture.


Carpet Runner

Keep the floor clean or opt for a quality area rug for a touch of homeliness

Since we talked about design let’s think about decor. You don’t want to put a cheap doormat in your foyer so be sure to keep it outside and opt for a clean stone floor instead. If you want a touch of warmth and homeliness stick to a small quality area rug.

Treat your foyer as an art gallery. If you don’t have more walls in other rooms to decorate with art foyer is one of the best places to turn for that next.

Choose beautiful but functional furniture for your foyer to hide away footwear and accessories and keep things organized and neat.

Shoe Rack

Opt for beautiful but practical furniture

Beautiful accessories can make the look. Think beautiful vases, candlesticks, statuettes, and other things that will express your personal taste and style and will also add a personal touch to the formal foyer.

Some especially spacious foyers have tables and benches that just stand there for aestetic purposes. Foyer table and a mirror is a great way to furnish the hallway in a remarkably stylish way. Also think live potted trees and flowers, statement lighting, and unusual chairs.


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