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Decorate Walls With Modular Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is amazingly varied. It can come not only in different colors and patterns but also in various materials and textures. But there’s even more to this decor element. Modern wallpaper can feature lights or encrusted with crystals. Modular wallpaper is another great variation of this old accessory that is both creative and interactive.

Modular Wallpaper In Interior Decor

Tears Off wallpaper

Tears Off wallpaper by Znak

Tears Off wallpaper by Znak is modular wallpaper that can be torn off in certain places to create a pattern. You can create your own patterns by tearing off pieces of wallpaper in places where you want a pattern to show. The wall color also matters for this kind of wallpaper as it shows through the tears and creates a color scheme with the color of wallpaper. Launched in 2009 and designed by Aldo Kroese, Studio Hausen, the wallpaper comes in many colors and a couple of patterns. The ‘paper has vinyl coating on non-woven backing and is soap and detergent resistant, which makes it washable.

Hanna Nyman tear off wallpaper

Hanna Nyman modular wallpaper

Tears Off isn’t the only example of modular wallpaper that can be peeled off for decor. Hanna Nyman has designed wallpaper that shows the outlines of flowers that can be peeled off halway and left hanging for decorative texturized effect.

I SEE YOU wallpaper

I See You wallpaper by Cavern

We also wrote about a color-in wallpaper that is a great intearctive wall covering for your kids’ room that you can color together. These offer hours of entertainment and creativity for your kids and yourself as you choose the colors and make up stories about the wallpaper pictures. ‘I See You’ wallpaper also allows for drawing but in its case you draw the figures yourself using the eyes printed on the wallpaper as starting points.

Paint roller

Wallpaper paint roller

The paint rollers from Rollerwall allow you to create patterns by painting a plain wallpaper of any color with paint of any color. How cool is that? The rollers come with different patterns from animals to various florals. They also work on walls and fabrics.

If these options are out of your reach you can always do something DIY-style. If you’re good at origami you could make a few flowers or animals and glue them onto your wallpaper as decoration. You can use the same type of papper to match your walls to create the illusion that the figures grew out of wallpaper.

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