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Decorate Mantel for Christmas

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Mantel is a great focal point in the room so decorated with Christmas ornaments it will instantly bring the holiday spirit to the house. Decorate a mantel and the whole room feels decorated so you can also save money on new decorations by buying only a few that will fit on a mantel. And boy, are there many ways to bring holiday cheer throuhg mantel decoration.

Decorate Your Mantel for Christmas

Centerpieces, garlands, winter vases, Christmas figurines, and other decorations and ornaments are often seen on mantels. You can do them yourself or you can buy a few new things to display on your fireplace.

Classic Red and Green

Christmas Mantel

Classic red and green color scheme will certainly tell the Christmas is coming. It can be a wreath complemented with live evergreen garlands as well as finished with candles, figurines and small DIY decorations.



Evergreen pieces and garlands are great for sprucing up a mantel as they are festive and fargrant but other types of greenery can make for a fresher and more modern look. Green also goes great with white, silver, and gold. Garlands don’t have to be


Bring a touch of nostalgia to your place with a blackboard and retro Christmas ornaments or display items. Get creative with a blackboard caption to make the most of matel decoration.

Mantel decorated for Christmas

Some Tips

There are some unwritten rules of mantel decoration that will help you create a beautiful and festive focal point of the room:

  • Mantel doesn’t have to be real or be a part of an actual fireplace. Not everybody has a fireplace but a mantel makes for a whole new look.
  • Use baubles to decorate the mantel and get creative Chsristmas socks.
  • Keep it simple, but not too simple. You don’t want to overdo it with too many decorations but you don’t want a lonely wreath hanging above it either (unless you’re planning to place a Christmas tree or two right near the mantel).
  • Look at the bigger picture. Stand a few feet away from mantel to see how decorations look as a whole.
  • Different sized figurines and other items make for a more interesting display.

Decorating a mantel itsn’t that difficult. Have fun with it and you will have the most cozy Christmas ever.

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