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Decor Inspiration from Butterflies

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The best source from where you can get inspiration for creating something innovative, unusual, different, and unique is nature. Butterflies can be the first ones to provide us with the resource to make something productive and eye pleasing. Increasing awareness of new ideas inspired by nature, showing more interest in exploring nature further, with equipment and technology, it is possible to explore even the minute details at microscopic level and get inspired.

Butterfly Wall Hanging

Butterfly Wall Hanging

Butterfly Decorations

Butterfly-inspired decorations and interior can make any area of your home pleasing, colorful, and romantic. Your home should be a space that reflects, embodies, and inspires your life. If you like to look at beautiful and whimsical butterflies, you may want to use butterfly images and accents as part of your home décor. The butterflies as decorations can add either a splash of color or an impressive piece to the design space.

Butterfly Symbolism and Significance

Butterfly symbolism holds a high place in the world of animal symbolism. Butterflies represent change and transformation, love and joy to many people. Interestingly, in many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul – further linking our animal symbolism of faith with the butterfly. You room can represent the state of your soul. If you are using butterfly décor to decorate a personal space, such as bedroom, kid’s room, or bathroom, it is a nice idea to choose accents with special significance. For instance, decorate the main wall of your daughter’s room with a butterfly, and have her name written below or beside it. You can also purchase a crystal figurine of a butterfly with your name engraved on it to display in your bathroom.

Butterfly Size and Consideration

If you would like the butterfly accent to be the conversation piece of the room, a large butterfly is ideal. You may want a larger item like a mirror in a shape of a butterfly for the living room or dining room. Small butterfly decorations, such as pictures of butterflies that can easily fit on medium-sized shelves are ideal for the hallways or children’s room. If you are using butterfly photos or multicolor furniture, it is a good idea to paint the feature wall a conservative version of a color that is included in the butterfly’s wings. For instance, if you are using yellow and black to decorate a room with a monarch butterfly theme, a light or pastel yellow on the feature wall will make it easy to add more colors, such as blue or orange, purple or orange, to your butterfly-themed décor .

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