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Dark Walls in Interior Design

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It is not a classical solution – walls of dark tones in the interior design are gaining more and more supporters. Contrasting, expressive interiors with dark walls in any style look impressive and unusual. Do you want to go that way? Let’s see, how we use dark walls in different rooms.

How to Use Dark Walls in Interior Design

Dark walls in bedroom interior

Dark walls in bedroom interior

Dark walls in the interior of a bedroom

Of course, when talking about the dark walls, we mean not only black, but dark blue, deep green and rich, dense and concentrated brown. However, black and dark gray colors are most often found in the design of interiors of apartments, particularly in the interior of the bedroom.

Bedroom with dark walls does not seem bleak as it may seem at first glance. In contrast, dark shades are absorbing light, is good for rest and relax. And we all know that bedroom is a place designed for relaxation and sleep.

Kitchen with dark walls

Such styles as minimalism, industrial or a casual, themselves suppose the contrast solutions. And the dark walls, in particular, can be a good option for the kitchen in one of these styles.

Dark walls in the living room

Perhaps dark walls in the living room look the most familiar and organically: interior of the common room in an apartment or house has to be ready for a reception. Of course, the room should be large enough, as dark colors visually reduce the space, and a small room will seem even smaller.

Dark walls in the bathroom

While it may seem that the dark walls is not a good solution for small spaces, the use of this technique in the bathroom can give quite good results. It is important to balance the dark wall with contrasting bright or light details, in order not to create a sense of a small, dark closet.


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