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Dark Ceilings in Interior Design

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Most of us have heard that dark ceilings should not be used in the interior as they reduce and shorten the space. This opinion has strengthened the belief that the ceiling should be light or pastel. We are ready to debunk this myth. Many interior areas are simply inconceivable without the inclusion of the dark elements on the ceiling.

How to Use Dark Ceilings in Interior Design

Dark ceiling in the dining room

Dark ceiling in the dining room

Let’s take, for example, eastern and medieval styles, gothic, loft, art deco and even beloved by many English classics with their heavy coffered ceilings of dark wood. The main thing is to be able to properly fit them into space. With the help of the dark ceiling, you can create a unique cozy interior, following a few important rules.

Dark ceiling in the living room

Dark ceiling in the living room

Low ceiling

Do not use a uniform texture in a large space, if the total height of the ceiling is not too high. It would be correct to do zoning of the area and highlight some part with a dark color.

Pay attention to the selection of material. If you want to visually expand the space and “raise” the ceiling, then stretched ceiling with glossy surface will be a great choice. The ceiling made ​​of wood gives the interior warmth and texture; and a painted concrete ceiling creates a feeling of open spaces like in lofts.

High ceiling

Dark ceilings can be used to create a home-like atmosphere in high large rooms, but do not forget that the walls should be a little lighter. Dark brown ceiling and brick walls with white stitching will look perfect.

Creating coziness

There are no special restrictions on the use of dark ceilings in different areas. However, in some rooms, this technique works especially well. For example, to create a soothing environment in the bedroom you can paint a part of the ceiling in chocolate or indigo. In addition, black, anthracite, brown and dark blue colors look perfect in the bathroom.

Also a very interesting step is using light materials for the floor and walls finishing, and dark materials for the ceiling. It creates a mirror effect of the space and the ceiling becomes the main accent. Dark ceiling of wood will fit into the interiors of the home offices, verandas or balconies.


We should also mention the All Black style, which involves not only a black ceiling, but a black surface of the walls, floor and even black furniture. One of the few limitations is to using of too dark ceilings in children’s rooms. Children are very sensitive to color, and such a move can cause increased nervous excitability, or, conversely, depression.


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