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Dark and Glamorous Office by Jessica Helgerson

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In the heart of the rainy and moody Portland, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design company has refurnished an office in the dark and glamorous style. The office itself is situated in the old XIX century Gothic revival building, so taking that as an inspiration, the team of Jessica Helgerson proceeded with the interior design.

portland gothic office

Contemporary Office in Gothic Style

Well, when you hear the word gothic, the gloomy caves and crypts come into the mind, don’t they? However, gothic is not only that. This interior décor is mainly about heavy textures, dramatic accents and yes, mostly dark colors.

When Jessica Helgerson design company was asked to decorate a contemporary office in the center of Portland, they had suggested different interior décor options. However, the client declined all of the detached, light and cold contemporary designs, and opted for a moody dark interior, which was what pleased the design team.

portland gothic office

Although quite simple, this office offers many angles to look at. There is this amazing brick wall that gives off the historical feeling of the building, while giving the room needed depth. There are the dark furniture sets, and cold metal leather chairs. Everything about this office is not so ordinary, yet very classy.

There are two private spaces for offices, as requested by the clients. There is a tall dark cabinetry that not only serves as a diving wall between the privacy of the office, but also serves as kitchenette storage. There is also delicate seating lounge area nearby the second office.

gothic Portland office

Especial notion deserves the glass sculpture that is located in the conference room. The sculpture is made by Portland-based artist Andy Paiko. This sculpture provides a feeling of separation between the spaces and it does. If you have noticed the floors, these are made from Portland White Oak, for the better contrast between the walls and interior. Overall, the office is very old fashioned, dark and very glamorous in its Noire way of the 20’s.

Unique Dark Office in Portland


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