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Crazy Eclectic NY townhouse

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Do you like your house to be of a clash of styles, cultures and different design ideas? This post presents exactly this kind of house: crazy and eclectic NY based townhouse!

Incredible New York House

You might think that the townhouse presented below is a series of shots from different apartments, but that is not it the case! This incredible eclectic townhouse contains all kinds of different décor items and presenting various eras and styles. The most prominent feature of this apartment is its brick walls all over the place.

To get familiar with the insane design of this townhouse, take a look at one of the rooms: it features a wall sized portray of John Lennon, how neat is that? Not to mention that the wall itself is made from bricks, or covered in bricks. The incredibly flamboyant carpet that just doesn’t seem right in that color palette, for some reasons, fits into the whole picture. And of course the grand pool table, with its marvelous polished wood legs looks just fantastic, making the room appear a bit weird and very intriguing.
The hallway is also decorated with brick walls, but, it also has some other elements, like the black retro car and a full sized statues of the sheep! How crazy is seems, for there is no purpose for neither the statues, nor the car. The elements like this, along with the prints of what appears to be Asian carpets make this place appear surrealistic and surprising. The living rooms feature the same pattern of the brick wall and a great view on New York, with its big sized window. The designers of this apartment made great use of carpets, as they tried to involve them in every scene. But the ultimate thing that would blow off your mind is the Russian samovars, painted golden in the bathroom. There is no purpose for them in there, apart from being a weird manifestation of the owners’ taste.

Incredible New York House


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