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Contemporary Interiors by Dirk Denison Architects

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If you are looking for contemporary interior decorating inspiration, the best way to get inspired is to get a glimpse of the modern interior designs by Dirk Denison Architects, which combine innovation and classy interior decorating!

Marin Country Residence

If you are in a search of urban decorating ideas, the best way to look is to check out the current trends in decorating. In these terms, the works of the contemporary artists in a sphere of interior decorating are usually carry that inspiration! Dirk Denison Architects, a Chicago based company has announced recently a new modern interior design of a house in a semi-rural setting. The Marin County Residence, as the project is entitled, showcases the intriguing balance between individual preference, contemporary decorating style and of course incorporation of all of it with the demands of the clientele.
Located in some distance of a great city, in the north of the San Fransisco bay the Marin county residence is a one level house, which provides the housing with no barriers so to say. The residence is presented with a series of different housing units each with distinct purpose. One of the most important features of this housing unit is that it forms a unification with the nature, as there are different courtyard options that are in real close proximity with the yard.
The interior decorating is one of most prominent features of the Marin County residence, as it displays the unique dialogue between the style, functionality and high class. The house exudes almost the Zen Buddhist serenity, because the combination of white and green coloration and sustainable development principles prove its point. One plane of the inner environment, along with the multiple courtyard variations create a flowing and continuing space, which is mimicking the labyrinth like area – but in a modern, contained way. No less important is the lighting in the house, as the flowing sunshine is reflected off the white walls, the ceiling also plays a big role in illumination. The ceiling is “fractured and folded along a diagonal pattern, exploring the interplay of light in unique ways”, so it also plays an important part in presenting the general interior.

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