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Contemporary Brazilian Interior by Kiko Salomão

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We are somewhat familiar with the contemporary Brazilian interior design preferences, even though there is no distinct Brazilian idea beneath these projects. However, the Project 910 by Kiko Salomão is one of the few projects that is both contemporary unique and Brazilian. Usually, when Brazilian interior is mentioned, it is overly minimalistic decor or bohemian flamboyant colors are noticed, but this apartment is very balanced.

modern brazilian interior

Project 910: Modern Brazilian Decor

The owners of the apartment made it specific, that the decor should not be commercial, which appealed to the designer group of Kiko Salomão, because it correlated with the firm’s own rules. This gave rise to a unique Brazilian interior design, with a heavy influence of contemporary minimalism.

Everything about this decor is very balanced, starting from the walls and ending with the decor accessories. The color scheme is chrome inspired, and this is very evident from the entrance point. As mentioned by designers, the front door is made from stainless steel, which gave a start for decor inspiration of the whole apartment. So, now you know why everything in this house is made in the coordinating color scheme of stainless steel.

modern brazilian interior

There are also some accenting details, expressed in colors: grey concrete textures on the walls and upholstery plays in contrast with the minimalistic orchid. Another color visible throughout the apartment is the mustard leather hue, which is present in furniture. One of the most important details of the house is the play of textures and patterns. Patterns are visible throughout the whole apartment, here and there, while textures are present mostly in the furniture upholstery and window treatments.

Furniture is a very interesting theme in the overall decorating. It is very various, however as can be observed seems to be very comfortable. Of course, furniture is unique for each room, which is especially visible in the library office room. In general, this Brazilian apartment is made in accordance with contemporary interior design principles with a huge hint on minimalism.


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