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Concrete Blocks In Home Decor

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Concrete blocks are used everywhere in construction but they look especially amazing in interior design. The cold of exposed concrete makes a nice contrast with the warmer materials like wood and fabrics. But concrete walls aren’t the only elements that can be used in interior design.

Decorating Home With Concrete Blocks

Concrete block side table

Separate concrete blocks are used in a variety of ways in home decor. Some use it to their more direct purpose (building furniture and support) while others use them for their shape and find new purposes depending on type of cinder blocks used. Different type of concrete blocks have different shapes and forms. Those that have round holes in them are great for storing wine or pens and flowers. Others yet have decorative patterns that would make for interesting table or shelving support in a bohemian rather than industrial style.

The more common rectangular blocks are great for building support for furniture or even entire pieces of it. Shelving, night stands, side tables, desks, and even bed frames can be created using just cinder blocks and wooden plates. Concrete blocks are loved for their rough industrial look but they can also be painted to better fit into a certain color scheme or they can become great accents in the decor. The more intricate blocks can be used in more classic style interiors.

Concrete blocks can also be widely used in the outdoors design and decor. They don’t only make for good planters but also benches, half walls, daybeds, and gardens. The best thing about them is that you can undertake almost any DIY and it would be easy enough to do all on your own.


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