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Color Outbreak in New York Loft

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This unique New York loft is nothing like a standard megapolis lair. It is very spacious as any loft, but its interior has no boundaries within one particular style, because there are lots of fusions. You would see the white classy Scandinavian, while still being able to see the barn infusion of the rustic decorating style. Yet, the loft celebrates its color outbreak in the most fantastic way!
awesome colors in ny loft

Incredible Loft In NY

Initially, this incredible loft was to be a very warm and inviting place for the guests and family, as thought out by the owners, however – the residence turned out to be more than that! Located in the heart of Manhattan, and yielding splendid views on the grand city, the loft is a definition of spring and color! Mostly white in background, it has a lot to offer to the eyes of a beholder.

You would be surprised to find out, that the loft before its transformation was a usual industrialized place. The apartment was revived with help of the owners, one of whom, Ms. Maxwell Foster is an owner of Tilton Fenwick, an interior design company known for its fresh aesthetics and traditional approaches.

awesome colors in ny loft

The loft is breathing with color, through the Lawson-Fenning Griffin lounge chair, which are covered in custom pink tweed; through the clumsy black and white abstract upholstery, which coordinates with a background artworks; through the Asian carpets and colorful stripes of the kitchen rug – everything speaks of color.

The 1,200 square foot apartment was renovated in two in a half months, with a sum worth $100,000- but that effort was worth it! The apartment is not only bursting with colors, it is very soft and heavy on the textures, as seen through the upholstery, carpets and even walls! There are also a lot patterns, through which the identity of the apartment speaks. This incredible NY loft is truly a wise investment!

Colors in NY LOFT


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