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Color Layering Basics

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Sometimes, when we want some changes in our interior the best option is to change colors, and color layering basics is what you need!


Choosing Color

Choosing right colors, hues and tones one of the most important decisions for your interior, but layering these colors is also of importance. So, first you need to figure out what color you like and what makes you feel comfortable. Remember the rule of thumb: the lighter colors make the room appear larger, while darker hues make your big space appear cozy, but not in all cases.

Making color combinations is most important, when you want to create nice compositions. Each color has its psychological meaning, so red would be not appropriate for a bedroom, while it is ok for a study room. Green is a relaxing color, but the rich vibrant green won’t be good for a relaxation room. There are warm colors, such as peach, yellow hues, and there are colder colors with an accent of blue. Renowned experts in interior design suggest choosing that are are naturally drawn to, thus you would let your creativity loose. Try experimenting, try watching the natural scenes, because it carries so much inspiration!

Color Combo Inspiration

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