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Color-in Pictures on Wallpaper

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Have you ever experienced the thing when the kid, either your child, or somebody’s child drew pictures on your wallpapers with any media? I bet you were a bit angry, sad, disappointed, but at the same time were not because of thinking of the child’s desire to create art. Definitely, not on the wallpaper! I would not like any kid drawing swirls, any doodling on the walls in my room. We have already experienced that case with the living room wallpapers, when my youngest nephew started drawing swirls and colored the pale flowers into bright colors all around next to the TV set with a black marker, but fortunately, we had an extra roll of a new wallpaper to replace that artistic spot.

Color-In Wallpaper

Color-In Wallpaper

So are there any solutions to have the wallpapers stay as what they are supposed to be? Yes, there is! Color-in Wallpaper can a be a really great solution to the problem.

Color-In Wallpaper

Color-In Wallpaper

No more worries about drawings and coloring your walls. Even you can enjoy coloring in the wallpaper in the room. Let your imagination run wild with coloring in wallpaper, illustrated by Jon Burgerman. You will feel like a kid again when you break out your full spectrum of sharpies and go to town, turning your favorite room into a painstaking work of art. Simply paste up and work your creative magic. Just be sure to stay in the lines! This is truly life in cartoon motion.

Color-in wallpaper is kind of like I See You Wallpaper, but without the watchful eyes looming over your every move, passing judgment as you eat Hungry Man Dinners. The abstract, seemingly endless flow of curving and intertwining black lines leaves plenty of room for creating artful wall decor with coordinated color schemes and shading techniques, but most people will probably buy the paper for their kids to scribble all over and turn into this type of crappy children’s artwork, so it may never achieve its true potential. Color-in wallpaper accepts user input from markers, felt tip pens,

Designed by Jon Burgerman this wallpaper is actually a coloring book that can be applied on any wall. This wallpaper can be filled with your own colors as you can see in the picture attached to this post. This is a good idea that could be useful in a kid room, and not just there. Personally, I like this idea, especially how the wall was colored in the picture attached below.

Every occasionally we come across something original and fun for the kids. A great design idea for any children´s room or playroom.

You can let your children’s creativity run wild with this interactive color in wallpaper. Designed to be colored with markers, pens, or even paint, this wallpaper is the perfect compromise to allowing your kids draw on the walls without letting them permanently destroy them.

Available at Burgerplex online store or at amazomdotcodotuk.


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