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Color Design for Kids Room

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Every caring parent is trying to make a perfect kids room for his children: original bed, unimaginable wall-mounted ladders, toys, and much more. Of course, it’s not bad, because a child spends the lion’s share of time in his room. But with all this, choosing the right color scheme for the design of children’s room is not less important.

Correct Color Design for Kids Room

Kids room

Kids room

Why it’s important

Since childhood, we have the individual perception of colors and shades. Thus, certain colors can influence favorably the psyche and some of them, conversely, negatively. Not taking this into account in the selection of colors for a child’s room is very dangerous, because in the future it may affect the child’s psyche.

Let’s say, a kid, who from the cradle is surrounded by colorful and even acidic shades (By the way: modern toy manufacturers often use these colors, that, in fact, is not quite correctly) can grow nervous and irritable.

Of course, there are neutral shades, but if you abuse them in the design of a child’s room, it can provoke the apathy and indifference to everything of the child. To avoid such mistakes, we have prepared for you a few simple tips.

Consider the child’s temperament

In the view of the majority, a children’s room should be colorful and bright. In reality, however, a rich color scheme is only valid if the child has calm, passive temperament. Riot of colors will “recharge” the kid with energy and vivacity. For active kids it is better to arrange the room in calm, pastel shades.

Keep the color combinations in harmony

It is important to remember that for a child it is much more difficult to focus than for an adult. Based on this, pick a color scheme for the children’s room so that the colors are not discordant. It is desirable that the scheme was based on a neutral shade and two more vivid ones. For a small “energizer” it is better to choose only two colors: primary and secondary.

Zone  the space with color

For us, the adults, a bedroom is a place for resting. Children in their rooms do not only sleep, but also learn and play. On this basis, each child’s room can be divided into separate zones. And in this case zoning with color will be the most successful solution. Thus, for the sleeping area it is desirable to choose soft, warm shades; for gaming – more vivid, and for training – cold.


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