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Color Choices for 2013

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Are you excited to explore the incredible and vivid color schemes that would be popular in the upcoming New 2013 year? Here are some amazing inspirational ideas and combos!

Color Combos for 2013

First of all, the color choices for the upcoming 2013 year are certainly not entitling you to choose them as your main color companions, but they would at least make your room appear more trendy and hot for the year, if you add up some of its color. That can be a vase, a set of dishware, a rug or even a sofa. It depends on your preferences, however. So let’s start with exploring, the hottest color trends for 2013!
As you know, Pantone a usual forecaster for color schemes every year offers the hip color of the year. They don’t just look at the visual side of the color, but analyze its effect on other aspects, like psychological ones. So Pantone has predicted that emerald will be the hit of the year! Emerald is a perfect balance between natural sparkling colors and hip trendy screaming hues.
Another screaming hue would be the mustard yellow! The yellow is reminiscent of the sun, the fun and nature surprisingly as well. It is a rather warm color, and can be combined with many other colors, such as gray, violet, black and brown with citron green. Close by goes the fire orange hues! Tangerine was the color choice of 2012, so it shouldn’t be away so quickly. Tangerine can go well with pink, and a dash of brown.
Among colder tones are lilac and blues. Lilac, being the calmer and feminine sister of purple, offers a lot of soothing interior designs solutions, while still being very trendy. However, if you like mixing purples in different a shade, that is also in the trend, so 2013 should be your year! Another cold tone of the year is ocean blue! Once again, the same blending and mixing technique would be handy in blue hues as well as with purple ones. However, blue can become a warmer shade, if you would use a lighter tone of it.
And at last, cloudy grey would also be trendy next year, but not alone of course but with some jeweled companions. One of the ideas is to mix cloudy gray with teal green, or perhaps to make a dramatic statement and mix gray with royal blue. Enjoy the year and happy Holidays!

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