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Colonial Interior Design

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This post presents an intriguing colonial style interior design basics, with the most outstanding examples, featuring the traditional and modern versions of the style.

Colonial Style Basics

Colonial interior style is one of the hardest to identify, because there are so many different notions of colonial: american colonial, british colonial, south african colonial, bali colonial and many more. With this abundance in manifestation, lets focus on specific details that unite all the different types in one.

The first striking feature of any colonial interior is extensive use of wood, and if unavailable, rattan. Woodworks are extremely important, as they create the base of the interior. Usually they look sturdy, with minimum decorations, yet sophisticated. The traditional choice of wood includes pine, birch or maple, however other choices like ebony, teak, mahogany, rattan, wicker are also used. Another important component of the colonial interior is in creating large stuff-free spaces: that is when de-cluterring basics are needed.
The apparent similarities between the styles are now gone. Lets explore the amazing examples of when modern clashes the colonial style. First would be an incredible house in South Africa, located the Valley of the Huguenot. Entitaled the Maison estate, the house is very strict, featuring bold white and dark contrasts and tribal wood ornaments. A quite different picture presents the Bali House: mostly red, as in indian interior. The interior design is also very sophisticated, yet has very interesting ethnic ornaments and large open terraces with an outstanding view.
The third example is a newly built house with a distinct dutch colonial style. This is a house built for interior designer Patrick Printy and his partner Dan Holland. Printy managed to recreate the incredible interior of dutch colonial style with all the necessary modern equipment.

Colonial Style Basics

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  1. joel sumoza
    September 29, 2012 at 6:00 am

    toda la vida mea gustado ese estilo y lo are en un restorant