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Collection of Decorated Oak Parquet

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Italian parquet company Xilo1934 Piemonte Parquets released a collection of decorated oak parquet called 1934DESIGN. Well-known Italian architects and artists participated in its creation. Parquet from this collection is highly appreciated not only for its design, but also for the fact that it is ready for installation and requires no additional processing.

Collection of Oak Parquet Decorated by Italian Architects and Artists

Sissi parquet by Manuela Corbetta

Sissi parquet by Manuela Corbetta

Passi Letterari

Passi Letterari parquet was decorated with different interesting things. Shells, feathers, books, playing cards, watches, measuring instruments, keychains, tubes of paint, brushes and other stuff look like scattered on the floor.


Elegant design of Geometrico parquet is based on just two simple figures: a leaf and a semicircle. The designer is Professor of the Milan Technical University (Politecnico di Milano) Luca Scacchetti.


Designer Marco Ferreri carefully looks around and finds beauty in the sky, on the ground, in the grass, on the trees. And here, in the design of Imprinting parquet, the artist carefully “laid” valuables from his herbarium: a wide variety of tree leaves, twigs and pine needles.

Tappeti Volanti

Drawing on the Tappeti Volanti parquet simulates a carpet spread on the tree. Here you can clearly read the preferences of the designer Davide Pizzigoni, who is passionate about opera for about 20 years. He created decorations and costumes for opera productions at the world’s best scenes.


An architect, architectural historian and restorer Carlo Dal Bianco painted the oak parquet with the paisley pattern (cucumbers) – the ancient decorative motif. First, this exquisite and at all times trendy motif covered fabric and dishes, then walls, and now began to decorate the floors.


Artist Manuela Corbetta came up with the pattern of stylized tulips on a background of fine leaves. Sissi parquet design is interesting, as depending on the pattern matching of adjacent planks it radically changes its character. The result can be a romantic “carpet” of tulips, and quite brutal pigtail ornament.


Architect-urbanist Luca Compri sees maps of big cities in the texture of the tree. The designer complements tree drawing with graphical fragments of the metropolis scheme with a predominantly orthogonal grid of streets, reminiscent of Manhattan.


Ramoscelli parquet design from the architect Paolo Tempia Bonda is very organic. A wooden board is delicately decorated with painted thin branches as if the wind scattered them on the ground.

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