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Coastal Interior Design

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The beach, the sun, everything seems to be so far away when you are stuck in your office for hours! Creating coastal interior design in your house would help you to relax, be laid back and calm. Join our journey on the way to the perfect coastal interior design!


Coastal Décor Ideas

Coastal interior is all about the sea and the relaxation. Coastal décor therefore follows a certain scheme of color and thematic items. It is pretty easy, once you follow the idea. Start using the colors and textures that would be a common sight outside, on the coast line. Including blue hues for the décor items, from the deep cobalt blue to funky turquoise blue, just about anything that would spark the thought of the ocean is very welcomed. Don’t forget about the sand, include some light yellow, beige colors, and maybe even deep yellow if the interior design allows it. Don’t forget about other natural colors, such as green, brown, red and white of course, as they too are often site at the coast.

Aside from colors, it is important to include textures. Different items with different accents would be just about perfect. As for furniture, use the simple yet very comfortable designs, as we want to create a laid back atmosphere. Saving extra space would save you the coastal interior, as space is very crucial in creating the atmosphere. As for materials, go for the natural ones, the wood or wicker. Perhaps multipurpose furniture is the saving solution for these issues. The floor should also be very modest, and easy to care for.

However, the coastal interior décor would not be complete without accessories. The sea inspired items are important, because they add the necessary atmosphere. The collection of star fishes, some sea pebbles, the huge metal anchor with seashells, why not? Just about anything that would add the coastal touch to the interior is acceptable. This way you can turn on your creativity to the fullest and express your aqua preferences.

Coastal Décor Inspiration

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