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Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas

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Christmas is approaching, can you hear it behind your back? Well, one of the traditional ways to decorate the Christmas tree is to decorate it with ornaments, traditionally balls, however this is not necessery. Let’s explore other amazing ideas on decorating Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree Decorations

So, Christmas tree requires some ornaments and you are tired of having to decorate in the same dull way? How about other exciting options? One of the ideas is to decorate with faux snow pinecones. The faux snow on the pinecones will add the wintery part to your christmas tree and make it seem more natural. Some even add faux snow to the tree itself. So, to make the faux snow pinecones you will need: pinecones, white craft paint, a small paint brush, white/translucent glitter, a box or plastic tub. You will have to paint the edges of the cones, and place some glitter there as well.
Among the other popular choices are felt ornaments: miniature trees, cartoon characters, apples – anything can end up on your Christmas tree! Paper, salt dough, fabric or wood and many other materials. So many wonderful ideas come up, when you start to think creatively!

Christmas Tree Alternative Decorations

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