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Choosing Window Treatment

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Are you in search of just the right window treatment ideas? Then this post is certainly for you, because we will discuss the basic rules of choosing the right window treatment.

Curtains, Blinds,or what to choose!?

Window treatment is one of the most important aspects of the interior design. A window treatment might highlight or destroy your otherwise astonishing interior design, so here is a list of things to consider:

First of all, consider the purpose of your window treatment, and this largerly depends on the room’s function. If it is a bedroom you might want something more private and sound proof. If it the living room you might need something more open, yet not too revealing. Also, keep in mind the purpose of window itself, would it be opened a lot? Does it show the magnificent view on the outside? Do you need a lot of natural light? There are millions of variations that are in between for you to choose the perfect window treatment.
Another important aspect of choosing the window treatment is color. Consider the preexisting interior of the room and think of a nice addition, which would take the room to the next level. If your room gets a lot of sun, the bright colors will fade away, so choosing color is a solution. However, if the room is not that sunny that doesn’t mean that the room needs a bright window treatment. Think of colors that would compliment the color scheme of the room.

Now, the third most important part is choosing the right fabric. If you’d like to create a nice evanescent view, use lightweight fabrics such as silk, faux silk, linen. Whereas when you want to create a cozy atmosphere, and to retain warmth, try using tweed, tapestry, suede. Remember that heavyweight curtains add luxury to your room. This is not attributed of course to blinds, where the other types of textures come into the game.

Window Treatment Inspiration

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