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Choosing Wallpaper for House

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Many people have used wallpaper for the house for many years and consider it the best option for the wall décor to make them happy and glad to love their house. However, choosing the wallpaper for the walls of your rooms in the house might take long when choosing them.

Colors, Pictures and Patterns

Choosing Wallpaper

Dark wallpaper is very good for bedrooms, because it could help easily create a very warm and cozy room in the house. The furniture in the dark colors combines more organically with dark walls (wenge, chocolate), but the simple light furniture will also create a striking contrast with the walls.

A vertical strip visually increases the height of the ceiling, but a bit narrows the wall.

The horizontal bar on the contrary, will split the walls, but the ceiling will seem lower than it actually is.

Large picture or patterns can be used for spacious rooms, but for small spaces is better to choose wallpaper with small unobtrusive ornament, which visually enhances the living space.

Wallpaper with some shining affect under several different lighting will help to create different specular effects, from cold to warm colors. By applying gloss to matte surface it would seem that the pattern consists of several layers, the volume will appear, which also visually increases the space of the room. Try to paste one of the bedroom walls, bedside active ornament, and the remaining walls painted in your favorite color.

Right Shade

Choosing Wallpaper

Not to be mistaken with a touch of the choice of wallpaper in the store, you need to take a sample of the wallpaper and move away from the bright light in that part of the room where the light is more subdued. Go out with samples does not make sense, since the apartment is usually no direct sunlight and artificial light is used. Of course, it is necessary first to determine the order, what light bulb installed in the room, cold or warm, and then find the appropriate lighting in the store.

Actual Reasons

Choosing Wallpaper

Do not be afraid to experiment! Now it is not difficult, because there is a choice of several options for win-win combination of wallpaper, proposed by designers as a bright accent pattern and neutral companion to it. In the new season’s fashion colors with textile ornaments, there is a variety of options for cells and strips of denim, lace motifs and paisley, the classic medallions , delicate and airy textured floral patterns , as if on a whole meal embroidered canvas.

Paper and Interlining

Choosing Wallpaper

Paper wallpaper has been popular for many years and they are widely used in the decoration now.  Since they have a number of advantages. They are environmentally friendly and allow the walls to breathe. However, of course, modern technology is rapidly evolving, and the developers are offering new types of wallpaper, more comfortable in the gluing, for example, non-woven wallpaper. Unlike paper, with gluing, which is necessary strictly follow the instructions, cut into strips before gluing and put glue on the detailed fabric, non-woven wallpaper you just need to attach to the wall, smeared with glue and trim the excess pieces only after comparing the bands in pattern joint to joint. Fleece is an environmentally friendly material made from cellulose and polyester, so it can be glued in children’s rooms, and a room where people live and work allergies.


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