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Children’s Room Plants

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The plants in the children’s room seem to open up a connection with nature, create a sense of respect for the love of nature. Through plants child learns to enjoy the beauty, opens up a world of harmony. Houseplants are the mascots for the children. There should be not many, not few plants in the children’s room; the plants should be bright and selected by his mother with love.

Decorate Children's Room with the Plants

Decorate Children’s Room with the Plants

Plants Are a Sensory Universe

Children love exploring and experimenting, and plants stimulate children’s senses in a lovely natural, unspoiled way. Plants appeal to the fantasy and thus to children. Plants have a scent, are exciting to touch and come in different colors. And children love shapes and colors.

Decorate the Children’s Room with Plants

The plant trends of spring are perfect for children so why not get an early start with the trend during the spring half term holiday. The colors appeal to the childish, creative side of our personalities and therefore also to children. Spend a day during the holiday refreshing the children’s room using plants in the genuine Happy Home way. The more colorful, funny features you can add to the room, the better; and it does not have to cost a fortune for different types of toys can easily be used as imaginative cachepots. In the winter, when the beach set is stored away, a colorful bucket is ideal as a cachepot. The plant in the children’s room is a responsibility for the child because the plant becomes an object of the study. First, you need to remember about the safety of the child. Children are curious and it is possible that your child will want to consider not only the plant, but also to touch and even taste it, and with some plants, it is not in any case possible to do. Therefore, before you put a flower in the nursery room in the first place you need to be sure that the plant is not poisonous.

Poisonous Plants Include




It is best suited for the children’s room plants that have phyto properties, they form the largest number of biologically active substances that kill or inhibit the growth and development of harmful microorganisms.

Plants That Are Suitable for Nursery Room



Arabian Coffee

All of the above plants are phyto plants. Reflecting on which plants to decorate the nursery, remember that it must be low-maintenance and does not require special care. These plants will not take you long to the same child can independently take care of them. It is enough to put one large plant or two or three smaller ones in the children’s room.

About the Benefits of Indoor Plants

Houseplants absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen, and in an amount significantly higher than the required dose for human breathing. Since the indoor air of carbon dioxide is concentrated 23-fold greater than in the open air, the need for dilution of houseplants needs no proof. Many plants are natural vacuums; they capture dust and smoke.

All Large-leaved Houseplants



Japanese Aucuba
Spatifillyum and others attract dust like a magnet.

The dust can be just removed with a wet cloth. There is an evidence that a chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds that are abundant in isolated modern plastic products, copes three-wayed sansevieriya, Formaldehyde, secreted products of particleboard, neutralized philodendron, yucca, dracaena. A phalaenopsis orchid absorbs harmful substances for its aerial roots. Saturated with carbon dioxide air kitchen is cleaned by hoya fleshy (waxy ivy) tsissus rombolistny, hlorofitum crested. Moreover, the last plant feels good in the back of the room. Installed in office, it will saturate the air with oxygen and increase efficiency. Has the same properties of hibiscus (Hibiscus).

Plants That Emit Volatile, Improve Health and Mood



Common Myrtle

Before buying plants for the nursery you should consult an allergist. Avoid plants with a strong smell (they can be a headache or dizziness), small pollen (jasmine, oleander, Datura), they cause allergies. The same dangerous maple, hydrangea, primula. Do not put in the nursery vines and creepers. Give up mineral fertilizers, their evaporation harmful to the baby.

Encourage your child to look after flowers with you in your care. Let the baby help you to water the plants, loosen the ground. Then even the most undemanding houseplants in the room will the baby love and take care for all living things!


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