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Chalkboards in Interior

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Have you been a student so long ago and forgotten the feeling of it? If yes, there is something to make you memories turn back while making your interior turn gorgeous: using chalkboards in interior!

Not for Schools Only

When it comes to using chalkboards, there are just so many opportunities, and not only in the kids’ room! First of all, a chalkboard is a classic black, so remember when you add it, you also create an accent for you interior. The classic blackboard can be added practically anywhere, but consider its purpose: schedule, notes, lists?

One of the cutest ideas is to use chalkboards for making schedules, they can even be arranged in a specific way. Each panel is divided for a specific day of the week, so it would not look messy. Chalkboards are a constant source of inspiration, because they can help you with bringing any art you want, while not making a commitment to a certain pattern: you could always erase what you don’t like already! Chalkboards can become a host to a traditional kids’ scribbles, or to sophisticated patterns, to funky pictures, to recipes, to schedules, you name it! By the way, you can make your own chalkboard with any color just by adding unsanded tile grout, but that is a totally different story!

Chalkboard Inspiration


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