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Ceiling Design in Kids Room

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You can solve several problems at once by making ceilings in the kids room different than in other areas. First, you make the ceiling more proportionate to the growth of the child ( that he was not perceived as too small). Secondly, the original design of the ceiling in the kids room is a great way to express your own creativity. Third, some options may well hide defects of the ceiling without spending extra money on a thorough levelling of the surface.

How to Decorate Ceiling in Kids Room

Original drawings on the ceiling

Original drawings on the ceiling

Still, the main reason why parents want to come up with original ceilings for their child is an opportunity to make an unusual and attractive room for the small owner.

We offer an overview of the best practices of ceiling decor in the kids room. The focus is on finishing materials (wallpaper, fabrics, etc.), stenciled patterns and unusual hanging decor. Find ideas for inspiration and create an unusual ceiling in the kids room.

Wallpaper with a pattern on the ceiling

One of the easiest options is pasted wallpaper on the ceiling in the kids room, not necessarily the same as that of the walls. The best option is when the main part of the walls is neutral, and colorful wallpaper with the original drawing are selected for accent areas and parts of the ceiling.

Original drawings on the ceiling

Ceiling, decorated with interesting ornament, admire much nicer than smooth white. Pattern may repeat the colors of the room, linens or be a contrast. You do not have to paint the entire ceiling, just a portion.

Removable décor

If you do not want to do the finishing work (eg, leveling the surface), then decorate the ceiling in the kids room with a removable decor. It is easily replaced by another one, as the child grows or changes his interests. And you can clean the decorations with a vacuum cleaner. How about draping of fabric? It is not cheap, but very effective option. Colorful sails, cloud of pure white silk are elegant complement to the classic or vintage interior.

If you are not ready to repaint the ceiling, apply wallpaper or splurge on fabric, then choose fun hanging decor. Flowers or butterflies? Patchwork or origami of colored paper? Globes or Chinese umbrellas? Choose what your child would like and show your imagination.

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